Interschool Sports Competitions Held at Amity College

Amity College selections students to represent the school and verse other schools in the following sports:

• Basketball
• Swimming
• Tennis
• Touch football
• Cross country
• Gymnastics
• Soccer
• Netball
• Athletics
• Futsal

Selection Process for ISD and other sport teams

• Teacher’s will make students aware of sport trials a minimum of 3 days in advance via assembly, announcement sheets and information posters
• Year 7 & 8 students will only be eligible to trial for ISD sports if they have participated in the sport before and know all the rules
• Tryouts will be held at lunch times
• At least 2 PDHPE teachers will be present to select the team
• Students will be required to train with the team, any student who fails to attend the training sessions without a valid reason will be replaced
• Training will take place during allocated lunch times in the lead up to the carnival for a minimum of 2 weeks
• Students will attend the carnival and verse up to 8 other schools in the region. Outstanding students may be selected to compete at the next level which is AICES.
• If it is an individual sport such as Tennis, Swimming or Gymnastics students may be required to show evidence of their results and then the teacher can nominate them on behalf of the school to compete.


• BHS have come runners up in the Basketball, Soccer & Touch football competition.
• GHS came 3rd in Basketball, Netball & Touch football
• Our school came 2nd overall in the Athletics ISD Carnival
• Six BHS students were selected in the AICES Soccer team
• Six students (4 GHS & 2 BHS) were selected in the AICES Cross country team
• 19 students were selected to compete at the AICES Athletics carnival
• 1 BHS student made it to the CIS level (state) for athletics