Basketball & Wrestling

Amity College Basketball and Wrestling Clubs

Amity College Basketball and Wrestling Clubs have been established for students between the grades 4 and 6 boys in order to prepare young boys to be good and responsible people and successful high school basketball players and wrestlers.

The Amity College Basketball and Wrestling Clubs are open to all boys in year 4 to 6 who share our goals. The Amity College limit the club size to ensure a proper ordering propecia online from canada coach to appropriate ratio, and to accommodate everyone comfortably in our basketball and wrestling trainings.

Our Guiding Principals

Provide a positive environment where young athletes learn key life lessons through basketball and wrestling. These lessons include:

– Setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals results in rewarding success
– Take personal accountability for ones actions and results
– Respect yourself
– Respect your teammates and opponents
– Respect others

Understanding that they are role models for young athletes and coaches will always act in a way that provides positive, wholesome examples to our students and opponents.

Provide an environment where young athletes can improve their basketball and wrestling skills in preparation to become High School basketball players and wrestlers.