Auburn Primary School

Principal's Message

In the last two years, we have extended and updated many facilities while continuing the development of our curriculum. Throughout this period, we have also focused on professional development of our teaching staff to provide quality education for our students.

We keep improving our curriculum with new initiatives and programs every year. Some of the programs we are incorporating this year are Minilit, Reading tutor classes, Enrichment programs and Instrumental music classes. Also, we will continue to pursue extra-curricular activities such as Folk Dancing, Soccer Club and Pastoral care. These activities aim to enhance our students’ academic learning but also artistic, sportive and social enhancement. We believe that the new electives and after school activities will make our students’ school year more enjoyable.

As Amity College staff, our aim is to create a conducive learning environment for all the students, meanwhile developing strong relationships with our parents. Our students’ success mostly relies on working in cooperation with families. Therefore, collective effort and good communication between teachers and parents are one of our essential principles.

Once again it is my pleasure to be part of the Amity College family and take care of your children’s academic, social and emotional growth together with my experienced teaching team.

Serkan Iner
Amity College, Auburn Primary School

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    26-28 Kerr Parade, Auburn NSW 2144

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    (02) 9749 4434

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    (02) 9749 5570