Parental Engagement

Amity has a strong ethos for engagement with some of the key facets of our students’ lives. Healthy and continuous communication therefore with the parent community establishes that critical channel required to be able to go beyond a ‘blanket-approach-educational-sector’ to a more particular approach based on each individual students’ needs and unique backgrounds wherever possible.

In order to achieve this, Amity has established some ongoing programs such as home visitations and in some of our campuses weekly interactive sessions to facilitate that needed dialogue between the two key influences’ in our students’ lives. With our active Pastoral Care Department, these home visitations have proven to serve fruitful outcomes and insights about our students and their key environment outside school – their homes.

In 2016, our campuses had visited numerous homes whereby good discussion with the parents, particularly about their child and their overall hopes, concerns and rooms for development were explored. This we find to be more in depth and meaningful an interaction in addition to our regular Parents-Teachers interviews.

In some of our campuses, we are witnessing organic development of parents’ activities and social justice interests. Driven by compassion these parents are exemplifying for their children by becoming contributing members of not only their child’s school environment but the community at large.