Science Expo

The Amity College Science Fair is an annual event which occurs in National Science Week. The fair allows both Boys High School and Girls High School students to showcase their scientific achievements to their peers and the wider community. Guests at the fair enjoy the displays of student-driven research and inventions from students across multiple year levels.

In this annual event, many crucial aspects of STEM education, including coding, 3D printing, mechatronics engineering and high level problem solving are incorporated. Furthermore, other departments contribute towards our success, such as Robotics and Woodwork with which students apply their skills across the curriculum; synergizing learning with application whenever possible. With the help of the maintenance team, multiple custom made instruments for educational purposes were created. Some of these include the Ruben’s buy cheap cialis usa tube, the hydrodynamic jet and the Chladni plate which is currently in progress.

Parents’ involvement is an integral component of a healthy learning community at Amity and they take active role in their own child’s learning. This is achieved as parents become part of the feedback process by judging the work of their child and others. Our staff uses this as a valuable opportunity for self-improvement.

Our science faculty is also proud of the achievements of our students in science and we have been particularly pleased to see our students enter external competitions with their projects from the fair. In 2017, year 10 ‘Advanced Science’ students Zeynep Nevzat and Dilara Unal entered the Advanced CREST Awards program run by CSIRO. They won silver and bronze medals respectively. Both of these students are now conducting a new investigation in the hopes of achieving a gold medal in this field.

The fair encourages students to excel in the study of science and exhibits student-developed displays and interactive experiments from Biology, Physics and Chemistry.