Our History

The Amity College story starts with the formation of its founding body, Galaxy Foundation (formerly Feza Foundation) in 1994. The foundation was established by a group of active individuals from Turkish backgrounds who wanted to make a contribution to the community, particularly in the field of education.

With the enormous community support, it wasn’t long until Galaxy Foundation bought the land in 1995 and established its first school, which used to be known as Sule (means light in Turkish) College in Prestons. In February 1996, Sule College opened its doors to its first students, with 33 children from Kindergarten to Year 3. The following year, The College had enrolled 282 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. The College continued to grow rapidly and in 1999 it extended its educational services to Illawarra region by opening a one stream Primary School. Due to the demand from the community, another primary school was opened in the district of Auburn in 2001.

Over the years, the high quality of education attracted the attention of the broader community, resulting in a large influx of students and teachers from various backgrounds.  Thus, Amity College became a multicultural family with over 1700 students from more than 40 nationalities. This diversity in the student/teacher composition of the school inspired the School Board to re-consider its name and seek one that is more embracing of the community it reflects. After a long process of community and stake holder consultations, the name of the school was changed to Amity College. The meaning of AMITY is friendship; peaceful harmony and mutual understanding, which captures the core values of the school.

Amity College is currently operating in three different regions:

  • Prestons Campus commenced its operation in 1996 with only 33 students. Main campus consists of Primary, Secondary Boys’ and Secondary Girls’ sections. Amity College has been offering a K-12 program at the Main Campus since 2002.
  • Illawarra campus commenced operation in 1999 with K-2 classes. Currently, the school caters for students from years K-6.
  • Auburn campus commenced operation in 2001 with K-2 classes. Currently, the school caters for students from years K-6.

Our Mission

Since its establishment, the primary aim of Amity College has been to provide a platform that would help students realise their potential and become leaders of tomorrow.

At Amity College, we strive to create a school environment that is conducive to learning in all aspects of life. The inspiring and compassionate nature of the staff coupled with diverse and challenging curriculums foster critical thinking and set the foundations of academic excellence. While various extra-curricular activities allow students to develop their individual talents, comprehensive student pastoral care programs and strong ties with parents contribute towards character development and in reaching full potential.

Our Vision

Our vision at Amity College is the achievement of academic and creative excellence as well as the nurturing of moral and socially responsible students so as to enable them to participate as informed, active, caring and contributing citizens in our democratic Australian society.

This vision is also captured in the College’s fresh and vibrant logo; an open book that symbolises the acts of learning, inquiry, exploring, achieving and inspiring. At Amity College, we are ambitious to establish a culture of excellence in the light of diversity and harmony, which are expressed through the lively colours exhibited in the College’s logo.

Timeline of Our History